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Travass Life

“Travass Life is a youthful travel company that seek freedom and joy in traveling the world’s best paradises. “

We believe that traveling is the only experience where you spent money but left you richer. Fascinated by the beautiful paradise destinations in Indonesia (that were mostly hard to reach), Travass Life was created to open access between those destinations to worldwide travelers.

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Passion to Purpose

Travass Life journey was started back in 2015 by our CEO & founder, Adel. A marketing-communication major graduate who shared a big passion to traveling,ocean, local community, and tropical islands. When most of her college friends grew career in corporate companies or agencies after graduating, she decided to connect her
love of Indonesia’s archipelago to tourism business and turned it into a purposeful travel company, that we all know now as Travass Life.

Seven years and thousands of satisfied travelers later, Travass Life’s family has grown from only one ‘Chief-Everything-Officer’ to few young people who shared the same passion of traveling

“Building a Sustainable Travel Company That Benefits The Local Businesses, Community, and Environment.”

We work directly with local resources, ensuring that the local community also got the benefit from the ecosystem as well. We believe that tourism business must create positive impacts to the people and nature, and never take them for granted.

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