PRICE : IDR 6,200,000/person


23 - 27 October 2019

06 - 10 November 2019

29 December 2019 - 02 January 2020

07 - 11 Januari 2020

Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia

Don't tell anyone you've been to paradise island if you haven't been to Raja Ampat! Raja Ampat islands offer you the real beauty of the underwater world, the moment in your life when the snorkelling tastes like diving!

Raja Ampat is located in West Papua, so you can fly to Sorong City to get here. Recently, they also opened new airport in Waisai, so you can reach here a little bit faster.

It's a whole new experience of hopping island where you can see thousands of tropical fish under the dock every morning and feed the baby sharks at night, yes, just in front of your cottage!

Not to mention the Manta Rays, turtles, jack fish, black tips shark, white tips shark, and if you're lucky, you can spot the dolphins and whales too!

A real definition of paradise on earth. 

DAY 01 :

Sorong - Waisai - Kri Island

We're going to pick you up at Sorong or Waisai (depends where is your arrival point).

Then we will take the speedboat to our beach cottage in Kri Island. Here we will give you free time to go snorkelling around the island or watch the sunset in front of your room!

DAY 02 :

Arborek Island - Pianemo Island - Sawandarek Island - Manta Bay

Put your swimsuit and swim pants on, cause today we will hop on some island with their own authenticity.

First, we'll stop at the Manta Bay, as it's called, you can spot some mantas swim around this area.

Then we will go snorkelling at the pier of Arborek Island, it's not just another pier, here you'll see tons of tropical fish and it's just so unbelievable!

After lunch time, we're heading to Pianemo Island, it's like mini Wayag, then heading to Sawandarek Island to meet the real Papua Children running around the island freely.

DAY 03 :

Full day Wayag!

Get Ready, cause today you'll be stunned by the beauty of Wayag Island.

It takes around 3 hours to reach this spot and we will go trekking a little bit on the karst hills to go to Wayag View Point 1 where you can see all the small islands underneath your feet.

Then, we will visit Wayag View Point 2 to see more beautiful tiny island from above and also will visit sharks conservation area around Wayag.

Then we'll go back and watch the sunset from Gam Island.

DAY 04 :

Friwenbonda Island - Koh Island - Kri Kecil Island - Sorong

We'll explore the underwater scene of Friwenbonda Island and then to the sand bar called Koh Island. The combination of the blue crystal water and the white sand beach are deniable! Then we're heading back to Waisai then take the boat to Sorong for our last night.

     DAY 05 :

Sorong - Fly back from Papua

It's our last day, you get free time and enjoy the civilisation at your comfy hotel room then we'll take you back to the airport. The trip is done, thank you for all the joy for the last 5 days!



Trip will be held for 5 days and 4 nights. This is a 'flashpacking' kind of travel style, you are allowed to bring your luggages with maximum 20 kg. Also, we trip will provide you with all meals during the trip and you'll stay at the best beach cottage in Kri Island. 


  • Sorong City : 08:00 am on the first day of the trip (Domine Eduard Osok Airport)


  • Sorong City : you can book any flights, anytime you want on the 5th day of the trip

You can choose where you want to fly between these airports.


This trip is best for pleasure seeker who wants to explore more the hidden gems in East Indonesia. Ocean lovers, solo travelers, photographers, couples, long lost buddies, basically everyone who desire more of the beauty of nature and want to embrace it.

We're living in simple Papuan Cottage in this trip with NO AC, just beautiful view.  So, it's gonna be "super-duper" island life. Our traveler must be someone who can adapt to nature, also easy going person who understands the diversity, respect the difference of the culture in the island, tolerant of the island life (cause it's Papua, honey).



Transportation from airport to the pier, fast boat to Waisai, all meals during the trip, 4 nights stay at beach homestay in front of the beach at Kri Island, SwissBell/Fave Hotel in Sorong for the last night, all boats for hopping island, coconuts, snorkelling equipments!

OH! YOU WILL GET THE BEST PHOTOS OF YOU IN THE ISLAND WITH THE BEST TOOLS FROM US : Sony Alpha 7 Mark II, Gopro Hero 4 and 5, and DJI Mavic Pro, yes the drone!

*Drone is only for open trip and private trip with min. 10 pax.


Raja Ampat's PIN (IDR 500,000/person for Indonesian, IDR 1,000,000/person for foreigners), Air Fare, personal needs (toiletries, cigarettes, snacks), and alcohols.



Or contact us via WhatsApp on +6281337151913 or hit us up on e-mail hello@travass.life.


After you sign up, you must pay down payment 50%, then make the full payment (the other 50%) for at least 2 weeks before the trip.

You can choose the payment method in the booking form.