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Travass Life


Based in Labuan Bajo, Indonesia. We’re specialized in trips to authentic tropical islands in Indonesia. We will expose our travellers to different local experiences, cultures, exotic islands, wild life and new inspiring people both the locals and the travellers who are in our exclusive travel group. We curate authentic itineraries for you, have weekly sailing trips and adventures, and also will capture all your travel memories that you’ll cherish forever.

“TRAVASS means to travel from one point to another in a comprehensive way to perform a task, to complete a mission for pleasures.”


Just like many other beautiful things in the world, it all started with a dream. Back in 2015, as a young college student, I dreamed big. I wanted to travel all around world and made a good cause. I traveled quite a lot back then when I was still in university. I skipped classes just to have a short escape somewhere new. I was thirsty with adventure and the feeling to be able to figure things out on my own, meet new interesting people from all around the world, the freedom, and the unpredictable journeys to get to one point is priceless.

That year, few months after I graduating, I had a courage to start making a life that I’ve been dreaming about. I started my own travel company barely almost from nothing and no funding from my parents or anyone. Everything was so blur, I never knew what would happen next, is this going to be successful or not. I just did it.

I started small and believe in myself that I can do it. I’m thankful I spent most of my weekends to new places and met new people along the way, cause they were the one who filled me with real experiences and knowledge.

Things were not always smooth, but I just keep going. It’s funny if I look back now, to remember all the things that I’ve been trough. It is definitely a dream comes true.

Right now, I’m glad that Travass Life is here and growing. All I ever dreamed about is to bring people to a life-time adventure and make them happy. I’m very happy every time I see travellers of Travass Life do things for the very first time in their lives in our trips or propose their girlfriends on our boat, or bring their loved ones to see the beauty of the world together, and so on. That’s all I dream about, to make Travass Life trips as part of their good memories that they will cherish til their hair starts getting grey and tell their kids their little adventure to Indonesia when they jumped from the boat into the deep blue sea, swim with manta rays for the first time ever, or simply chilling on The Pink Beach.

Cause I believe at the end of the day, that’s all that matter. Good moments with the people you love and good memories under the sun somewhere in this beautiful world.


Adel – CEO/Founder of Travass Life