Why Do You Have To Travel Before 30 ?


The only reason why you have to travel before 30 is passion. Some of people doesn’t feel like doing anything after they hit 30, but working and chilling with their good friends. They think they have no more energy to traveling around. These some reason why its better to traveling when during your youth time. 

1.    Cheap traveling is possible.

In some countries in Europe, if you’re a student do not hesitate to show your valid student card when you come to visit some destinations or even for the transportation. Because, sometimes there’s a discount or student price. Absolutely, its more cheaper to traveling when you’re younger.

source: google

source: google

2.    Still acceptable to sleep anywhere.

When you’re 20-ish you could easily stay anywhere you want well as example you can do couchsurfing or stay in cheap hostel, which is you still can save up some money. But when you’re getting older, staying at someone’s couch or being in rustic hostel wouldn’t be something that makes you happy at all. You will need some privacy and comfortness when you’re getting older.

3.    Not easily get hangover.

When you’re getting older, you will get longer hangover. Which is, the next day you can’t do lots of thing because you have to stay in the bed awhole day to recover your hangover. But, when you’re young you definitely can party all night and also strolling around during the day.

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source : google

4.    Its easier to learn new languages when you’re younger

If you’re traveling to a foreign country, it will be cool to know or learn some of new language. Because when you’re young, you have ability to absorb new words than the older one. Scientist debate, the reason why older more hard to get more new words into their brains because the motivation tends to wane with age.

5.    Travel alone or group? No problem

Solo travel or group, wouldn’t be a problem for a young traveler. Usually some young people prefer to solo travel to make everything easier such as, mobility, accommodation and no plan at all. But not few of them also choose doing group trip, they think traveling with mates will be more fun.

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source : google

6.    Its easier to make friend

Hostels and bars is a place where usually you will meet someone unexepectedly became your longlife friend. When you’re young you will make friend and link as much as you can. That’s what’s usually young traveler do when they’re on trip, make friend from all over countries in the world.

7.    You can do more than you ever imagine!

Traveling is one of the moment when you can push your limit. When you are young you are not afraid to do anything, there’s always something that push your adrenaline to do something new such as eating insect, cliff jumping or 2 nights in row pub crawling. It definitely wont happen when you’re older. 

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source : google

8.    Not much responsibilities back home

If youre traveling when you’re 30 –ish something and you starting have family. It would be hard to traveling with flexibility because, you have to thinking about a lot of things such as home ownership and ticket for your babies etc. if possible, it will be more easier to travel before you have obligations tying to your home. 

9.    You can define yourself during your trip.

During traveling you will start to know yourself, especially if you traveling alone. You will find your identity and how you will make a deal with your ownself. How you will react with the problem you will be facing during the trip. Traveling will reveal it all. Sometimes, traveling will lead you to became a brand new person or even just make you to be a better person. Well, apparently this will be happen if you traveling in your youth. 

10.  Making money with traveling 

Start traveling now, take a good picture,  and make an insipirational article. Well that’s a starter pack for you to start being a travel-blogger. So many young couple traveler earning good money by doing this job. Who doesn’t want to travel for free and also earn bucks from it, what a dream job that everyone wanted.

source : google

source : google

The sums up of why do you have to traveling during your youth is, it would be easier for you to connect with people, learn lots of things and also knowing your self to the roots.