Indonesia Is Not All About Bali.

If we talk about Indonesia, the only thing that comes out in vast majorities of travelers’ mind is Bali. Bali which also known as the Island of God, offers you an all-in packaged destination. Makes it no wonder all travelers want to come and be a part of its wonders. When you arrived in Bali, you will be amazed already by the details of their architectures. Each building, each corners of the road has traditional Balinese signatures. Then you will pass Kuta and Seminyak area, which one of the center of shopping and the nightlife of Bali, it opens 24 hours to satisfy the visitors. In Uluwatu and Canggu area, it’s the paradise for the surfers. Unstoppable good waves to catch and their beautiful beaches simply you can’t ignore. From the beach side, you can take a ride for an hour to meet the magical Ubud. Rice fields, delicious vegan restaurants, monkey forest, and yoga places spread around this little town. It’s also close to the mountain area like Bedugul, Kintamani, and Baturiti. Bali has everthing, no wonder people love it and once you come all you want to do is stay longer or think already about going back later.

Nevertheless, Indonesia is an archipelago country that has more than 17000 islands that has over 300 ethnic groups and native languages which makes Indonesia has diverse cultures and traditions that you’ve never seen anywhere else. Indonesia is also a part of The Pacific Ring of Fire area. It has more active volcanoes than any other country. Indonesia has 127 active volcanoes that makes its land very rich with biodiversity of flora and fauna. This beguiling nation that has more than 17.000 islands and 127 volcanoes offers you with massive potential adventures. It’s hard to defeat Indonesia for the sheer range of experiences on offer.

Here we will share to you our most favorite adventures in Indonesia


·         Tanjung Puting (Kalimantan)

Located in Central Kalimantan, this place is one of the natural wonders of the world. Tanjung Putting is the largest and most diverse protected example of extensive coastal tropical heath. The best known animal in Tanjung Putting are the orangutans. Not only orang utans but also another wild animals that you will found in this Tanjung Putting National Park. Dozens of species of snakes, frogs, and birds. If you are the real adventurer this place definitely suit on you.

Tanjung Puting National Park, source : google

Tanjung Puting National Park, source : google

Getting there : The closest airport to Tanjung Puting is Pangkalan Bun (PKN) in Central of Kalimantan. Then you need to make your way to Kumai, it is about 20 minutes taxi ride from Pangkalan Bun. From here you need to organize with locals to get your boat (locals called it klotok). It takes about 2 hours journey up the Sekonyer river to your base to stay. But also possible to sleep and cook meals on Klotok. We really recommend to keep the Klotok during your trip. Then voila, you can enjoy your trip exploring the Tanjung Puting

Best time to go : In actually coming to this national park it depends on what are looking for, if you  like it more adventures you can come here during the rainy season around Desember – March, because you will get through muddy land and drenched by the rain. But, during that period some flowers might be blooming on rainy season. If you feel like don’t wanted being too drenched, you can come during April – November, in that time the dry season. So, you can explore more without being afraid not bring umbrella or raincoat.

Must do : rent your own klotok (traditional boat) so you can explore the jungle easier. Also we really recommend you to hire a local guide so they will help you to show the best place where orang utans do activity.

·         Way Kambas (Sumatera)

Located in South Sumatera, this place well known as place to protect the existence of the elephants. In this place you can observe elephants perform various tasks such as transporting or plowing fields to help men. Even sometimes you will see them do peculiar show such as playing football or other entertaining performances.

Waykambas National Park, source : google

Waykambas National Park, source : google

Getting there : If you take airplane, you can buy a flight ticket to Bandar Lampung and then you can take cab to the bus terminal in Rajabasa to take the Damri bus to Way Kambas. You have to make sure that the bus not going to Way Kambas everytime, they only go to Way Kambas at around 08:00 Am. But there are some option of local transportations for you to get to Way Kambas, before choose one make sure you bargaining first for the deal price.

Best time to go : The better of course during the dry season, so you can see and explore the area more. We recommend you to come early in the morning when the sun start rising so you will see the beautiful sunrise while the elephants going to bath.

Must do : you have to visit the elephant training centre, you will see attraction of the elephants such as watching them playing soccer, circus, shake hand, swimming and many more. Riding elephant also one of  the most popular activity to do here in Way Kambas.


·         Raja Ampat (West Papua)

If we talk about diving it would impossible to not mention Raja Ampat, a piece of paradise that located in West Papua is one of the best spot to do diving. Some of rare corral species you will found here. Raja Ampat will offer you real beauty of the underwater world, the moment in your life when the snorkeling tastes like diving.It's a whole new experience of hopping island where you can see thousands of tropical fish under the dock every morning and feed the baby sharks at night, yes, just in front of your cottage. We also offer our authentic trip to this paradise, join us and you will surely get pampered with the real beauty of paradise on earth.



Raja Ampat, source : author

Raja Ampat, source : author

Getting there : Raja Ampat is located in West Papua, so you can fly to Sorong City to get here. Recently, they also opened new airport in Waisai, so you can reach here a little bit faster.

Best time to go : The best time to visit Raja Ampat is during the dry October-April period, which is by contrast the rainiest period in western and central Indonesia. In actually, for the divers the best time to visit is September – April when the large of Manta rays are present at cleaning stations.

Must do : dive, snorkeling and chill. Since this is the best place for dive and snorkeling so the main thing to do once you arrived here is to snorkeling and diving. Or the best thing you will just need to book your trip with us and we will surely take you to the best spot and also we will take documentation for your trip in this beauty island.

·         Alor ( East Nusa Tenggara)

Located in the East of Nusa Tenggara, Alor is a small island with amazing underwater scenery. There are at least 50 dive spots stretching from Alor Island to Pantar Island and also several islets around them. Eventho not as popular as Raja Ampat or neighboring Komodo island but the island of Alor has it pristine and fascinating underwater view.




Alor, source : google

Alor, source : google

Getting there : the easiest way is to take a flight to Kalabahi, but not all of flight offer direct flight. Its usually so many flight from big city in Indonesia to Kupang and then from Kupang you will take another flight to Kalabahi for 40 minutes. But, if you want to getting to Kalabahi  by boat, there’s a pelni ferry from Kupang and it takes around 21 hours to get to Kalabahi

Best time to go : if you want to do dive, you can dive in Alor all year round, but the best condition is from March to December. But if you want to see mola mola (sunfish), September is the best time to spot mola mola.

Must do : diving in the Alor island is probably the best idea why are you visit Alor, the water around Alor are comparatively clean and as such have fantastic visibility. Not only diving, but also you can cultural activities such as visiting Takpala Village, its only half an hour by bike from Kalabahi.

·         Wakatobi (Southeastern Sulawesi)

Located in Southeastern Sulawesi, Wakatobi is one of amazing island in Indonesia that has colourful species of tropical coral reefs. The habitat or large and small fish species, the playground of dolphins, turtles and even whales. You will enjoy the tranquility and secluded of Wakatobi; no traffic, noice, no pollution. Beside diving spot, some beach in Wakatobi is really quiet and you definitely can have such a pure relaxation in this island.

Wakatobi island, source : google

Wakatobi island, source : google

Getting there : if you took flight, you should book flight to Kendari then continue to Wangi-Wangi. But other option is going by boat from Kendari (Bau-bau) to Wangi-wangi.

Best time to go : In Wakatobi you can enjoy diving 365 days a year,because the place nicely surrounded by reefs and islands so this island pretty drier than other parts in Indonesia, especially western part. September to end of November probably the best time to visit wakatobi because no rain, no wind and no waves. Such a ideal condition for diving.

Must do : sunrise and dolphins watching in Wangi-wangi. Not only Lovina in Bali, but also this place is a playground for the dolphins. You will see so many of them. during the night you can see the amazing Milky Way views in Tomia. But well, the best thing to do, don’t forget to do diving in this island because as you know this island have so many colourful coral reefs and also lots of large and small fish species. Meet real mermaid and aqua-man in traditional sea gypsy village, Bajo Village.


·         Komodo Island Sailing Trip (East Nusa Tenggara)

It’s not fair if not mention Komodo Island as a part of odyssey. Yes, Komodo island is located in Flores, one of Lesser Sunda Islands, the home for breathtaking natural attractions and wild creatures. As part of it, the one of 7 Wonders Of Nature, The Komodo Island, the homeland of the oldest lizard in the world, The Komodo Dragons. we Travass Life will bring you on three days adventure with the phinisi boat to explore this part of Indonesia. In three days, you will experience living on board with wonderful people, delicious local food, and surrounded by beautiful landscape. Not just The Komodo Islands, we will visit other sites of The Lesser Sunda Islands, which are The Rinca Island, Kanawa Island, Sembilan Island The Pink Beach, Gili Lawa Laut, Padar Island, The Manta Point, Tata Makassar, Kalong Island, Bidadari Island, and Kelor Island. Last but definitely not least, we also provide you a personal photographer in the group to capture your moments while you're enjoying your moments!

Komodo Island, source : author

Komodo Island, source : author

Getting there :  if you come by flight, book a flight to Labuan Bajo and then its only take 15 minutes by local transportation to the harbor. If you want to use boat, you can choose Pelni Boat but the schedule to go to Labuan Bajo not always everyday, you have to check it in their website.

Best time to go : the best time to go to Komodo Island is almost everytime. If you want to go hike to the hill and see the verdure grass then it would be better to visit around April – May. But if its close to the middle of year from end of June – October the grass will be orange and pretty dry.

Must do : sailing trip with phinisi, it’s a must to do sailing trip to do hoping island and stop in some beautiful island to take some pictures for your Instagram feed. Hiking to the hill of the island, prepare for your sport shoes for the trekking to the top of hill. On the top you will see breathtaking view of islands. Don’t forget to explore the underwater scenery in komodo island. There’s a spot in Komodo island if you are lucky you will see some manta rays. Book your trip with us now for the best sailing trip in paradise.


·         Borobudur and Prambanan (Central Java)

Borobodur and Prambanan are historical temple that located in Central Java. Both of them are really popular among local tourist and international. Borobudur itself a Buddhist monument that was built in the 8th and 9th centuries during the reign of the syailendra dynasty. Prambanan is a Hinduism monument that build in 10th century, and of the largest temple dedicated to Shiva in Indonesia. In this place you will see the historical and majestic monument that has been built since long time ago and still stand until now.

Borobudur temple, source : google

Borobudur temple, source : google

Prambanan Temple, source : google

Prambanan Temple, source : google

Getting there : usually people stop in airport of Jogjakarta, Adi Sucipto and then rent a car to go to the temples. Because not many local transportation that will take you to that temples, because these temples pretty far from the centre of city.

Best time to go : the best time to go there around April – August, it might be a lot of local tourist especially student because in the june- july its summer break for them. If you come to Borobudur during 10-15 May usually there is a lampion festival to celebrate veesak day and if you come to Prambanan around August, there’s a yearly event called Prambanan jazz that will be performed by international and local artist.

Must do:  We really recommend you to join the lampion festival to celebrate veesak day in Borobudur, the event really peaceful and also real spiritual. Beside that, these temples will bring you back to the old era of glorious Hinduism and Buddhist dynasty in Indonesia.

·         Toraja (South Sulawesi)

Toraja is an ethnic that living in the mountain of north part of South Sulawesi. The place is called Tana Toraja. This place is one of the most historical place in Indonesia, because only in this place the dead body not right away getting buried. The funeral is really unique, the dead body will be covered with formalin and keep the dead body in their house. Because from what their believe the spirit of the person that already dead still there to guard the family.

Toraja , source: google

Toraja , source: google

Getting there : You can book flight to Makassar (Hassanudin airport) and then rent a car to go to Tana Toraja, because to get there it will take 8 hours by car. there’s a also a bus that will take you there from makassar to Tana Toraja, but just for information of course the bus will have to stop in some places to do transit or take another passanger so it may take more time.


Best time to go : According to NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) the best time to go to Toraja are during December 17th to February 4th. Why? Because you will get pleasant weather during that time.

Must do : the highland of Tana Toraja is very cultural and one of the highlight of Indonesia. You can have an extraordinary culture, adventure, and beautiful scenery in Tana Toraja. Don’t missed to taste the best Toraja coffee. Talk to the locals and also if you are coming and then there is somebody dead you will see the most cultural funeral you have ever seen.


·         Derawan (East Kalimantan)

One of the most wonderful tourism in East Kalimantan. Derawan island is one of an island that having crystal clear ocean. You will see exotic beach and also nice locals. Derawan island is popular as an island with lots of sea urtle, because in Indonesia there are some beach for sea turtle to come visit for breeding and Derawan is one of them. There are also some island as pretty as Derawan such as Maratua, Sangalaki, and Kakaban Island.

Derawan Island, source : google

Derawan Island, source : google

Getting there : the closest airports to Derawan island are Berau and Tarakan. The flight to go to these airports are direct from some big city in Indonesia such as Jakarta. Its more easier to go to Derawan from Tarakan. Once you arrived in Tarakan, you have to go to the harbor and it will takes around 30 mins then take speedboat to go to Derawan Island. it will takes 3-3.5 hours to go to Derawan island by speedboat with pretty strong waves, if you have a sea sick be prepared before start the journey.

Best time to go : the best time to go to Derawan is during the summer season around June-August. Because if you come during December – March the waves pretty strong so it will be hard to do snorkeling and diving.

Must do : hoping island to some cool island such as Maratua and Kakaban island. in derawan island itself you can swim and see the seaturtle in front of your cottage usually the sea turtle come near to the beach in morning. If you are lucky you can go diving and see the whaleshark and manta.dont forget to go to Kakaban Island for swim with stingless jellyfish.

·         SUMBA (East Nusa Tenggara)

Sumba Island is part of The Lesser Sunda Islands, that's located in East Nusa Tenggara Province. It's not that famous among the pleasure seekers, but when they know about this island, of course, it's gonna be on the top list to be visited. Sumba is one of the few places in the world where megalithic burials are used as a 'living tradition' to inter prominent individuals when they die. The richness of their original traditions, the way of the local lives, and of course its surreal views are things that you can't experience it anywhere else. We TRAVASS LIFE will bring you on a four days surreal journey through the savannah, hills, waterfalls, and endless scenic road. We open a trip for groups of true wanderers to experience all the authenticity and mesmerised by the charm of this island. Trekking through the grassland to Tanggedu Waterfall, visiting the local village like Ratenggaro Village, dipping into Weekuri Lagoon, feel the freedom at Puru Kambera Savannah, and taste the local cuisine. A surreal journey like we mentioned before. Last but definitely not least, we also provide you a personal photographer in the group to capture your moments while you're enjoying your moments!

Sumba Island, source : author

Sumba Island, source : author

Getting there : usually the trip of sumba island will be start in West part of Sumba, so make sure you book flight to Waikabubak Airport in West Sumba and start from there we really recommend you to rent a car for exploring West Sumba to East Sumba. But, for more easier you can join our trip and we will surely take you to hidden gems in Sumba land.

best time to go : best time to go is during April – September because during April, you will see the verdure of hills grass and if you come during end of July – September you will see the hills grass getting orange. Also, better not go during October – December because one of the best and popular lagoon pretty shallow if you want to swim there.

Must do : best thing to do in Sumba land is to explore the hidden gems such as waterfalls and also savannas. Some of the best waterfall in Indonesia located in Sumba. If you are a lover of daydreaming you can just lay and chil in the hills during the sunset. For the fans of milkyway, Sumba is the best place for you to get best picture of milky way.

·         Togean Island (Central Sulawesi)

Exotic islands located in the transition line between Wallace and Weber lines, Central Sulawesi. This is a national park and protected by government. This place not for tourist but for traveler. The beauty of Togean is located inside their underwater scenery. You will be happy to see such astonishing islets inside the Gulf of Tomini in Indonesia. 

Togean Island, source: google

Togean Island, source: google

Getting there : the journey of Togean will be begin in Gorontalo, so if you wanna come don’t forget to book flight to Gorontalo. Then go to harbor and take ferry to Togean Island, but what you have to marked is the ferry to togean only sail 2 days a week on Tuesday and Friday and it takes 12 hours to get to Togean Island from Gorontalo. But in other side you can also fly to Ampana, from Ampana you can take speedboat to Wakai (central of trading in Togean Island).

best time to go : the best time to go is between April – October, because it’s the driest time on year. For your in formation, it could go really hot. So, prepare your sunscreen!

Must do : diving or snorkeling is the activity that you must do in Togean Island, here you can dive with the wrecked aircraft that now became a home for mysterious and various species. Beside that, Bajo people also lived here. As we know Sea Gypsys Bajo people lives semi nomadic so basically they spread anywhere, the real traveler and sailor. You can meet them and see they daily life from fishing or just playing with the kids.

So, what are you guys waiting for, there are so many destinations that offerred in Indonesia from the east part ‘till the west part. You wont out of any idea even though you’re travelling in Indonesia for 1 year. There’s always a new place to be explore.