Millenials's Traveling Style

source : google

source : google

Lately, millennial-style traveling have become one of the choices for the youth generation in the range age of 20 – 30 years old. Millennial generation, for those who were born in 1980 until 1999-ish. Millennial travelers are the right term for young travelers who do not hesitate to travel alone and not afraid to make an impromptu decision. Millennials travelers usually prefer to travel alone or just accompanied by their best buddy. Before they start the trip, they usually collecting bunch of information about the destination, especially the instagramable place.

Hunting new places is one of the aim why the millennials traveling. Looking for unique restaurant, virgin beach and also budget hostel with nice decoration and design those are part of millennials kind of traveling style.

            Also, social media is something that this generarion very fond of. The reason is because, social media became the main bridge for the Millenials to post a lot of their activity during the trip. What more important for these traveler is not what they wear but where they are.

source : google

source : google

As what we mentioned earlier, the millennials traveler love to do something impromptu because they think it could be more exciting and also flexible, no pressure or nothing in rush. Nature is a favorite destination for the millennial travelers. Mountain climbing and then down to the beach is an itinerary that is certainly what those millenials like to do. 

        Just watching  the view from the hill is not a problem for millennial travelers. By just doing something simple, millennial travelers are able to produce beautiful photos and will certainly be posted on social media. They pray for Instagram and those other social media.

           Even sometimes, they thing being lost is one of the best thing to do. The way to find a new place or hidden gems. Also, one of the art of traveling. They will think get lost is one of the most exciting part of traveling.

           Some of them just don’t  want  any travel agency to plan their trip. Because, they think its too much depends on time and also everything too tight, so they cant easily explore. But, we Travass Life giving solution to the millennials traveler to customize their dream trip in the paradise. We will help you to granted your adventurous soul and take you to the other side of paradise.

          We offer flexibility and will absolutely take you to extraordinary also authentic place in Indonesia. With talented photographer we also will capture your unforgettable moment for you to share on Instagram.