The trip was a blast, thanks to Kano Live for making it happened too! The next DEAF TRIP is coming again on 2018! Stay tuned, Fellas!


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Giovanni A. Mansilla (Gio)

Surya Sahetapy (Surya)

Why deaf community?

Indonesia has unbelievably beautiful nature, but we feel that so many boundaries for our Deaf friends to travel and explore their own countries because of the lack of facilities and human sources to accommodate them.

Few months ago, our team randomly met a deaf guy from France when we traveled to Papua few months ago. His name is Gio. He's been traveling in Indonesia by himself for 8 months and he also curious why the Deaf friends from Indonesia itself not really travel much. It's quite a shame to not see the beauty of their own country. Then we came up with an idea together to make a special trip like this so everyone can travel, don't have to be afraid. We wanna show that it's not possible.

TRAVASS LIFE and Kano contacted Surya Sahetapy, one of the face of Indonesian Deaf. Together we will try our best to show our deaf friends how beautiful is their own country and also they don't have to worry about anything cause we will arrange a well-curated itinerary with two amazing guides (Gio and Surya) who can guide them in sign language.


APRIL 2017


The trip is best for our deaf friends who's craving for adventure. For those who want to explore more, a photographer, new couples, old boring couples who wants to spice up the relationship, best friends, lovers, tinder dates, or whoever you are as long as you have that adventure spirit in you! ;)

We provide high level of service but as you know, it's living on board so it's not like living in a five stars hotel with TV, Wifi, etc. You have to be easy going and open minded with the diversity of the group and the local culture.